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4 Simple Reasons Why You Should Grow Your Own Food

4 Simple Reasons Why You Should Grow Your Own Food

We are very fortunate to live in a time when at any time of day or night we can easily walk or drive to the store and have a choice of different make available on our hands. With this luxury why would you spend your time growing your own food? I have a good simple answer to that: We are human. As humans, this is what we do. We grow food. This is what we have for thousands of years. It was not until the last hundred or so years that we put the responsibility of making food in the hands of others.

Who are the people responsible for growing and handling our food? And what they are doing to our food? How are they treated? What they are spraying it? Is that good for you? Is that good for the earth? Who really knows? They are professionals with business interests more in mind than our health. What we do know that if we go to supermarket food is there year-round. I am no scientist nor I studied this extensively, but mind tells me it can not be good for us or for the land because it does not seem natural or sustainable.

Some questions to get you thinking the next time you’re in the grocery store buying food:

Who grow up?
How is it treated?
How is the worker who took it considered?
Do these people have my best interests in mind, or are they just trying to make a higher profit?

In May 2009, I took control. I started growing my own food without any experience or soil. At that time I was living on the fourth floor of an apartment in New York City. All I have is my 2-foot by 3-foot fire escape I turned into an organic vegetable garden. Despite limited space, I will grow the lettuces, Kales, Swiss chard, peppers, cherry tomatoes and a variety of herbs.

In April 2010, I moved to Los Angeles, where I started a balcony garden that I continue to grow more food. In comparison to my fire escape, the 13-foot by 4-foot balcony is apparently a big farm. Space is not an issue. If I could grow into a fire escape, you can grow given any restrictions on the space you have.

Here are four reasons to start growing your own food:

You appreciate your Food More
I really do not expect everyone to go out and start their own garden because I know that not gonna happen. But what I expect is for everyone to grow at least one herb or plant.
Why? Because it will open your eyes and change your relationship with food. This helps to re-establish connections that we as a human race is lost. You also appreciate the food more because you grew it and took care of it. Not only will you appreciate the food you grew yourself, you will start to appreciate the food that you buy as well.

It is Natural and Sustainable
Food supplies us with food and nutrition that we need to live. The taks supplying us with food is not in the hands of someone else. Look back in history. Civilizations are built around food. They were set up around the area with access to rich soil to grow food. Think about everything that goes into food and what is built around it: growing, tending, harvesting, preparing, eating and sharing food. These days we just fast forward that part of the meal, we often do in the run. There are more than just eating this food (even happy).

What if you live in the northeast part of the United States, you can get pineapple, mangoes and other tropical fruits year-round or at all for that matter? I can help answer that question. This is because the food is transported from far distances to get to you. Did you know that the average diet is traveling about 1,500 miles to get to our plates? Now think about oil and resources that go into getting food on your plate.

You are Helping the environment
We live in a great time where so much information is readily available to us at the click of a mouse. The heavy rain that has been so much information is readily available to us at the click of a mouse. We are presented with all kinds of messages about how we impact on our personal health and the environment. In reading some of the information out there, it feels disempowering to see something like the BP oil spill or the melting of the ice cap.

I want to do something instead of sitting back and letting someone else worry about the situation. It did not matter how small it is, I would just do something. The food has always been a love of mine. I mean, who does not love food? So I decided that I would grow my own. Be useful to me and the environment.

It is easy and cheap
You do not need to buy expensive tools and materials to start growing your own food. You can make a self-watering containers for less than $ 5 of recycled materials. You can open a 2-liter bottle of soda in a self-watering containers or a hanging planter. Here are some ideas to get you started. There are many ways to make gardening cheap so you do not have to invest lots of money.

Now you can get back to being human and growing your food. One plant will certainly make a difference. Start growing some of your diet today.